Have you ever walked through a corn maze? When you’re at the entrance it seems pretty clear that you’ll be following a path. You see the beautiful sky above and it’s “let’s go”! I think many of us have even begun the maze on a bit of a run. It’s not until you get a bit into the maze that you are faced with a choice of paths to follow. I love the maze at Liberty Ridge – you’re given a map of sorts to help direct you through the maze with a list of questions for you to answer. There are a few spots where you can climb a wood platform to “see” how to go in case you’re confused. How many times have we made a few circles while following the group we were with? I’ll never tell 🙂 Everyone seems to have the answer, yet we keep circling back to the open area that has arrows pointing which way we should go. Meanwhile, the cornstalks seem a bit taller and maybe you feel like the path is closing in. There can even be a moment of panic – am I really lost now? We hear other people’s laughter but can’t find them. There’s no one to help us with getting out of this maze! All of a sudden it seems a confident voice in the next row has fount the exit. We were so close!

During this month of Thanksgiving, I am grateful for the Maze of Life. We enter as a child, full of wonder, ready to explore, enjoy and full of excitement in what lies ahead! As we grow we begin to anticipate and are curious of the path that lies ahead. There are times we may be timid and reach out for the hand of the one we trust to lead us. As we grow and think, we know the path to take and we run on ahead only to realize we left the ‘map’ somewhere along the path behind us. Our hope is then renewed when we look up and there before us, is the platform. The platform does not help us unless we are willing to climb the steps, right?  Once we’ve reached the top our hope is renewed, our focus set once again. Things seem simple and we forge ahead on the path, heading the right direction this time.

Life isn’t all clear paths and sunshine. There are moments when our path seems to close in. We look aside and see stalks that have been stomped on, broken down and all of a sudden we’ve come to an intersection with several arrows pointing to go this way or that. We get frustrated, confused and maybe even try to turn around to exit at the entrance, but to no avail. We hear voices of laughter around us. We hear whimpers from the younger ones who are calling out to their parent to hold their hand. Looking around we may even find that we’re alone. The group we had started life with weren’t at the same intersection! Where had we separated paths? Suddenly beneath the arrows of direction, there is a bench. When we sit and take the time to be still, it’s then we hear “I found the exit path”! (On a side note, did you know that corn mazes usually have more than one exit?)


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