Summer Wedding Color Trends

We are so excited to start welcoming our Summer Brides to be that are planning on hosting their wedding at Liberty Ridge Farm!  Of course, wedding planning is never complete without a great color palate!  We found a wonderful resource on the internet that had stunning wedding color ideas!  We truly hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


Sugar, Custom Turquoise
Latte, Ashwood

While neutral, sugar is a muted shade with lots of classic appeal. Delicate and chic, this shade really goes with everything! Combining it with understated hues can set any wedding tone, from romantically rustic to modernly minimalist.

As you add color to your wedding stationery designs, ensure there’s a neutral in the mix. While your primary colors will play a big part, neutral tones will tone it all down while making sure guests can easily read your wedding day details.


Teaberry, Ivory
Custom Blue, Classic Gray

Teaberry pink is feminine and soft. Sugary sweet, pink in any palette is especially popular for contemporary summer weddings. Add a bit of light blue, gray and ivory (and a tulle dress) and you’ve got the makings for a fairytale wedding!

Colors don’t always have to set the main theme for your wedding day. Find inspiration in the things you love. From florals or glam sparkles to the mountains or countryside, any color combo can play into your overall vision.


Mint, Teaberry
Champagne, Custom Blue

Chic and sophisticated, mint continues to be an ultra-trendy option. This refreshing hue can be paired perfectly with most any color, especially other pastels. It creates a calming and restful mood, while still being super romantic and even a bit playful!

Your color, design, and font combos on your invites offer the first glimpse into your wedding style! Explore designs and fonts that complement each other. Remember it’s perfectly okay to combine modern with vintage.


Orchid, Custom Brown
Celery, Cream Rose

Orchid is a deliciously sweet and perfect shade. Elegant and fun, this hue is also very rustic glam. When paired with earthy greens and browns, chic orchid stands out radiantly. This unexpected combo certainly emanates love and joy!

Typography goes a long way on your wedding stationery. While visuals, photos, and colors set the tone for the big day—​bold and striking fonts are a perfect way to showcase your style. From scripty to modern, get creative!

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