Attractions at Nightmares

Underworld Tunnel

The Underworld Tunnel is a 175 foot, underground tunnel of terror. This Steam Punk nightmare is sure to horrify all who enter.

Field of Screams

The Haunted Corn Maze. Under the Harvest Moon, the Zombies wake to hunt the Corn Field. Will you make it out, or will you become one of them?

Fort HuntD

Fort HuntD is a wooden stockade fence maze haunted by souls of the past. Abandoned and stripped, some brave visitors have entered in hopes of finding the tower, but few have found their way out… Can you?

Farmer’s Haunted House

The Farmer’s Haunted House is certainly not for the faint of heart. But don’t worry too much, The Farmer takes care of everyone who walks through his home. Enter if you dare…

3D McCobb Manor

A 3D Haunted House. Painted by nationally recognized Stuart Smith, McCobb Manor is like no other Haunted House you have seen. This will leave you seeing double. As you make your way through the Manor, if you feel like you are being watched, you are, by the eyes of souls that have stayed well past their check-out date.

Forest of Fear

A faint foot path leads visitors through the Haunted Forest of Fear, right across the backyard of the the Farmer’s Haunted House. No one knows exactly where the path leads. Don’t stray, the old Farmer is out in the woods…

Psychic Sideshow

Evil Dan and Colleen the Sideshow Queen perform Sideshow stunts, carnival cons, miracles of the human mind and more! This show is appropriate for all ages.

Trolley of Terror

Not your ordinary Haunted Hayride! Take a ride on the Trolley of Terror to the Haunted Attractions. It will keep you safe from what’s lurking in the Corn Maze on the way down…

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