Fall Foliage is a main attraction at Liberty Ridge Farm! So, this week we added in brand new trees from Elhannon Nursery, located in Petersburg, NY.  Among the trees added were Pin Oak trees, American Sycamore, and Red Sunset Maples.  The trees planted are presently 15 years old, and are all native to North America.

Fall Foliage Additions:

Pin Oak trees are known for the wonderful shady areas they provide.  During the Fall, Pin Oak trees will turn a rustic russet-red.

American Sycamores – also known as “Buttonball Trees” – also provide great shade. They can grow up to over 130 feet tall! American Sycamore trees prefer to grow near streams and rivers.  This makes Liberty Ridge Farm an ideal location – the Hoosic River wraps around the Farm!

Because of its grandeur, Liberty Ridge Farm decided to treat the American Sycamore as a “specimen tree.”  A specimen tree can be defined as an unusual or unique looking tree, planted for the purpose of aesthetics.  So, Liberty Ridge Farm planted an American Sycamore on the grassy lawn directly in front of the 11 Acre Corn Maze.  As the Fall Season comes around, the leaves will turn a beautiful golden yellow.  This creates a nice “pop” of color!

Red Sunset Maples have been planted along the fence line of the Gifford Barn.  During the Fall, Red Sunset Maples will turn a vibrant orange and red – making the perfect setting for Wedding Cocktail hours held in the Front Garden.

These trees will be sure to increase the beautiful Fall Foliage that Upstate NY knows so well.

A Special Thanks to A Fellow Upstate Local Business:

Liberty Ridge Farm would like extend a special thank you to Elhannon Nursery for their fantastic customer service and professionalism! Elhannon Nursery is located on 20716 NY State Route 22, Petersburg, NY 12138.  They can be reached by phone at (518) 686-5553.  Elhannon Nursery is not just wholesale – they have a retail selection at their Route 22 location! 

Be sure to check out Liberty Ridge Farm this Fall! Mark your calendars – we open for Fall Fun & Festivities on Saturday, September 16th. Check out this page for a list of our Fall Things To Do!