Impressive turnout at 2012 Hall of Springs Wedding Show in Saratoga inspires more wedding tips!

February 6th, 2012 by

Whew, what a day January 29, 2012 was for us! We attended our first ever wedding show at the Hall of Springs in Saratoga and were quite impressed with how beautifully planned the show was, kudos to the planning committee! We also were excited to see the presentations of all the attending vendors and are so excited to start planning our ideas to bring next year! We enjoyed seeing what other venues offer and were amazed at the floral creations, delectable food and creative ideas that were on display.  We cultivated many new connections with other vendors to expand our offerings in every aspect of wedding planning for our brides! Many brides  and their families came by the booth that day and we are looking forward to helping the brides who reserved dates with us that day create the perfect wedding day for them and their families to enjoy! The Hall of Springs Wedding show helped us to spread the news further that Liberty Ridge Farm is indeed not only the premier agritourism destination but also the premier wedding destination too!

We were so surprised at the amount of attendees that came to our booth exclaiming “we have been to Liberty Ridge Farm and love it!

A View through the corn at the Event Tent

But we never knew you held weddings there!” Guess we need to keep the forward momentum moving with getting THAT word out there! Yes, folks we are in the wedding business for those that did not know that and we offer a wide array of options here at the farm, from ceremony sites to reception sites.  We have options sure to please any bride looking for the ultimate in an outdoor rustic or equestrian themed indoor wedding and invite anyone looking for such a venue to make a consultation appointment and come see what we have to offer.  Here at Liberty Ridge Farm you not only get the “on the farm charm”, but you also get a wedding planned around your needs and wants by the owner and her family to make your wedding day truly the day of your dreams!

Coming from our post wedding show excitement we have a few more tips to share to hopefully enlighten you and help you in making your wedding day the day of your dreams!  Look in our previous post for Tips 1 & 2!

Tip # 3
Have your guests create a picture guestbook.
Instead of the traditional guestbook with it’s traditional white, padded covers and sometimes signatures from sometimes unknown guests to the bride and groom, have your guests take a picture of themselves to put in a book, maybe a larger specially made scrapbook, and have them sign their names and addresses and any other thing they might want to add. They can add quotes to the bride and groom, words of wisdom or tidbits such as when they first met you! The guests themselves can help create a guestbook that will be fun and heartwarming to look at years down the road. Ask friends or family to help or for equipment, some may have a polaroid camera that can be used or a kodak easy share system both of which will make the photos instantly available.

Have a “Kids Only” section of the room.
This can help parents and kids, who don’t always have the best attention spans for weddings and can sometimes cause disruptions to have their own special place to be with other children.  The kids only table can not only be the place where they have their meal, if so chosen by the parents, but a place where there can be some toys or creative activities to keep the children occupied and happy during the reception.   At Liberty Ridge Farm not only can we help you with ideas for your “Kids Only” table but we also offer the option for kids to go with staff to play at the many activities in Brad’s Barnyard during the cocktail hour of the reception at no extra charge to parents so the kids can run, play and unwind a bit before having to settle in for the rest of the reception.