Capital Region Party Planning Made Simple for Company Picnics, Corporate Gatherings & Employee Appreciation Parties

March 29th, 2012 by

The benefits associated with bringing in a professional to plan your next company party, employee appreciations party or corporate gatherings, will always outweigh the stress of planning your next company event. The work productivity will continue, all employees will anticipate a WOW company party, and you won’t have to worry about small details because that is the job of our planning professionals! Liberty Ridge Farm professional planners have years of experience, we are far more apt to create that WOW gathering and stay within your budget during event planning.

We have some simple choices that will help add up the savings too!

Use instead of sending out traditional invitations. The site is free, has a large variety of design options and can easily cut out unnecessary printing and postage fees. Go green!

Eliminate employee gifts for every employee, instead purchase five to 10 gifts and host a company raffle, this can invigorate your staff as they see a chance to win if they attend the party.
For a one night affair they have a decent variety of décor options that will easily (and cost effectively) liven up a room!

Determine if you want to Hire a DJ instead of a band. A live band typically get paid a little more than a DJ for three hours. Is your crowd going to be interact with the Band or the DJ ? Best way to decide is to determine the average age that will attend the party, and a DJ might charge less than the live music price.

Here are our top five important elements to make your next Company Picnic or Employee Gathering a successful party:

No. 5: See the venue in person. Choose wisely, a venue can add to or take away from the mood of the event.  Make sure the place you choose has the casual, rustic, or dressy “feel” you are going for.

No. 4: Plan the right music at the right noise level. Live or DJ, plan for your audience, music really sets the mood.  Make sure someone is in charge of the music so they can take a song request or change it up to match the party’s energy.

No. 3: Bring on the senses. Sights, Smells, and Setting can be enjoyable, but too much of a good thing can ruin an appetite or create a sneezing spell.  Choose the venue for your audience, is an Inside or an Outside party more suitable?

No. 2: Take time to plan the food prior to the event.  Food is a large part of any party and it is critical that the caterer is creative and willing to work within your budget while still providing excellent food and service.  Nothing is more of a downer than getting a great-priced meal that tastes awful.

Andthe most important element to any party is…

No. 1: Honoring the guests.  The feelings your guests have while at the party and afterward is described as the “afterglow”.  Make them feel important and that you are honored to have them at your holiday party.  You want to give them a day or night to remember at your next company party.

With these tips, Liberty Ridge Farm can create a WOW memorable company party or gathering while still maintaining within your budget.

With so many reasons to choose Liberty Ridge Farm …let’s start your party planning!

Wedding flowers and their meanings Part 2

March 14th, 2012 by

Wow, time has gotten away from us here at the farm!  We have been busy; busy booking weddings for this year and next and watching over the installation of our new stone fireplace that is being built inside the Gifford Barn.  The Quincy Room  now has a little more charm and will enhance the rustic elegance in any wedding!  We kow there are many of you prospective brides that are looking for a warm, inviting yet rustic and charming venue for your wedding.  Take the time, to call us and make an appointment to tour our facility.  We hope you come and see what we have to offer here on the farm, call us to schedule your visit 518-664-1515.  We promised to bring you all Part 2 in our Top 10 wedding flowers list, we brought you the Top 5 in Part 1 and here is the list of 6 – 10 to round out the Top 10 and give you some perspective to help you choose those all important flowers for your special day!

Top 10 most popular wedding flowers part 6-10.

6. The Peony - The peony has a large head, bright color and very distinctive and strong fragrance.  Although the flower itself appears very showy, the flower acquired the Victorian meaning of “bashfulness.”  The Peony was cultivated in Asia for more than a thousand years and developed further by the French in later years.  The Peony is available in two main types, the herbaceous and the tree peony.  The tree peony’s flowers do not last as long when they are cut.  A bouquet of peonies is beautiful but the flower can also be used to create beautiful centerpieces and arrangements.  It is grown in single and double flower styles.  The Peony is an expensive flower of choice and is seasonally available from late spring to early summer but can also be imported in the fall months.

7. Ranunculus – The Ranunculus is a cost effective alternative to the rose or peonies.  Ranunculus is a lush, multi-petaled relative of the buttercup.  The flowers was first discovered by Westerners in the Far East around the thirteenth century, it is a mild scented flower featuring several blossoms on a stem with fernlike foliage.  To carry Ranunculus is to tell your partner, in the Victorian language of flowers, “I am dazzled by your charms.”  The Ranunculus is a natural choice for bridal or bridesmaid bouquets and can make a delightful boutonniere.  It comes in an array of colors including white, yellow, orange and pink.


8. Stephanotis – is a fragrant blossom that is a dainty white color and has star shaped, waxy florets the actually grow on a flowering vine.  It is very delicate and vulnerable to damage from heat, cold and handling.  Each vine must be individually wired or placed onto a special holder before it can be arranged.  The stephanotis is a traditional wedding flower whose Victorian meaning is “marital happiness.”  It’s delicate nature should be considered carefully before using them though, as they have the tendency to wilt in corsages and boutonnieres within a few hours due to body heat and handling.  They are however moderately priced and available year round.


9. Sweet Peas – The sweet pea was first brought to England from Sicily around 1699 and signifies “lasting pleasure.”  It has a candy like scent and ruffled blossoms that make it an old-fashioned favorite in bouquets for brides and bridesmaids.  The sweet pea has many colors ranging from white to intense pinks and purples, and it’s scent is usually strong and sweet.



10. The Gardenia – The gardenia is a beautiful, delicate flower surrounded by dark green, waxy leaves.  The gardenia is a heavily scented flower that just a few can easily fill a room with fragrance.  The Victorian meaning of the gardenia means “secret love.”  Gardenias are available all year long but don’t come cheap, they can run upwards of $20 a bloom.   Gardenias are lovely tucked into a bouquet or can be used as a simple yet elegant centerpiece floating in a shallow bowl and a single gardenia makes a lovely corsage.   Gardenias need to be handled with care, the delicate petals of the flower are easily bruised and will brown easily with too much contact.

This rounds out our list of the Top 10 Wedding flowers.  We hope that this has helped give you some direction when choosing the flowers for your perfect wedding.  Many couples when deciding on flowers for their wedding don’t give much consideration to the availability of the flowers they desire.  Flowers are unfortunately seasonal products and florists have adapted to limited availability by manipulating the availability of flowers so that many varieties are now available for more months the year.  However, these manipulations can be costly.  We hope our list has given you an idea on some of the seasons that these popular flowers are available along with the drawbacks of some along with the benefits.    Please contact a florist of your choice to gather more information to make the right choices for your wedding.  If you need some direction in deciding on a florist, we regulary recommend Kim from Florals by Design.  If you were able to attend the Gazette’s Hall of Springs Wedding show this past January in Saratoga and stopped by our booth, she designed the gorgeous flower display for us for the show.  Also, we have added a gallery of her designs to browse through.

Happy flower shopping!