Capital Region Party Planning Made Simple for Company Picnics, Corporate Gatherings & Employee Appreciation Parties

March 29th, 2012 by

The benefits associated with bringing in a professional to plan your next company party, employee appreciations party or corporate gatherings, will always outweigh the stress of planning your next company event. The work productivity will continue, all employees will anticipate a WOW company party, and you won’t have to worry about small details because that is the job of our planning professionals! Liberty Ridge Farm professional planners have years of experience, we are far more apt to create that WOW gathering and stay within your budget during event planning.

We have some simple choices that will help add up the savings too!

Use instead of sending out traditional invitations. The site is free, has a large variety of design options and can easily cut out unnecessary printing and postage fees. Go green!

Eliminate employee gifts for every employee, instead purchase five to 10 gifts and host a company raffle, this can invigorate your staff as they see a chance to win if they attend the party.
For a one night affair they have a decent variety of décor options that will easily (and cost effectively) liven up a room!

Determine if you want to Hire a DJ instead of a band. A live band typically get paid a little more than a DJ for three hours. Is your crowd going to be interact with the Band or the DJ ? Best way to decide is to determine the average age that will attend the party, and a DJ might charge less than the live music price.

Here are our top five important elements to make your next Company Picnic or Employee Gathering a successful party:

No. 5: See the venue in person. Choose wisely, a venue can add to or take away from the mood of the event.  Make sure the place you choose has the casual, rustic, or dressy “feel” you are going for.

No. 4: Plan the right music at the right noise level. Live or DJ, plan for your audience, music really sets the mood.  Make sure someone is in charge of the music so they can take a song request or change it up to match the party’s energy.

No. 3: Bring on the senses. Sights, Smells, and Setting can be enjoyable, but too much of a good thing can ruin an appetite or create a sneezing spell.  Choose the venue for your audience, is an Inside or an Outside party more suitable?

No. 2: Take time to plan the food prior to the event.  Food is a large part of any party and it is critical that the caterer is creative and willing to work within your budget while still providing excellent food and service.  Nothing is more of a downer than getting a great-priced meal that tastes awful.

Andthe most important element to any party is…

No. 1: Honoring the guests.  The feelings your guests have while at the party and afterward is described as the “afterglow”.  Make them feel important and that you are honored to have them at your holiday party.  You want to give them a day or night to remember at your next company party.

With these tips, Liberty Ridge Farm can create a WOW memorable company party or gathering while still maintaining within your budget.

With so many reasons to choose Liberty Ridge Farm …let’s start your party planning!