Capital Region company picnic & party entertainment ideas

May 8th, 2012 by

Wondering what to do at your next company picnic or special gathering in the Capital Region of New York?
You need games and activities that appeal to guests of all ages who will be attending the summer picnic or special gathering. Have you looked at all of those classic picnic games and activities like the gunny sack races, water balloon toss, relay races, hula hoop contest, and the good old tugowar favorites you remember growing up with ? These games are popular at all kinds of picnic events- but why not spruce it up a bit, with games, game space and a barnyard full of adventure?
Interactive Games – We have tons of interactive games in Brad’s Barnyard Attraction and this means that the Barnyard is open at gatherings and our company picnics.
Why rent an Inflatable Slide? You can go on our Silver Mine Chute: an 80 foot underground mine shaft that kids and adults ride a burlap sack down for inspiring thrills.– The Silver Mine Chute is tons of fun at any event.
Liberty Ridge Farm is a destination for small and larger groups looking for company picnics and special gatherings. From catering options, entertainment on over 20 hands on activities, wide open spaces and indoor and outdoor venue space with room for music, games and more!
Here are a few other activities that would be great for any local Capital Region NY area picnic:

Jumping Pillow – Why rent a bouncy bounce when Liberty Ridge Farm has the areas largest inflatable? Called The Amazing Jumping Pillow, this huge inflatable is over 70 feet long and secured in the ground, its great for any event. It typically appeals to kids- but the Jumping pillow can handle over 20 Adults and children at the same time, providing smiles and making the gathering as special for adults as the children, Liberty Ridge Farm is a place where everyone can get down and have a blast!
Looking for an Obstacle Course for your next picnic or gathering ? How about getting lost in a 12 acre cornfield labyrinth of 13 foot tall stalks that serve as a challenge for all your party guests. A Corn maze can be used at company picnics and in all kinds of team building exercises. The are another high capacity attraction that will keep the lines down at any special event.
Totally fun for any picnic event.

Liberty Ridge Farm is the Capital Region’s Best Kept Secret, come see why ….