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Are you struggling with the wording or your wedding invitations?

The wording for wedding invitations varies with the style and formality of your wedding ceremony.  There is popular, traditional phrasing that is most often used with formal weddings and then there are the true free-spirited letterpress wedding invitations where the couple makes up their own phrasing to suit their style.  Are you considering an Indoor Elegant wedding or perhaps a Chic Rustic Barn Wedding ?  Perhaps the most important factor to consider when wording your wedding invitation is the overall setting of the ceremony.  Choosing a Barn wedding near Saratoga NY will set the tone of the invitation, your guests can get an indication of attire and from the wording used.  Inviting someone to your Barn Wedding or Outdoor Tent wedding should clearly convey whether they should wear ball gowns or blue jeans.Saratoga Barn Weddings

Formal Wedding Invitation wording:
Formal weddings are where tradition began and for that reason many follow a strict formula when preparing their invitations.  If there is to be a reception with a full meal following the ceremony this should be indicated on the invitation. If there will be a reception but no meal, find a way let this be known so that your guests know what to expect. For example: “Reception to follow for the greeting of the new couple and cutting of the cake.”

Barn Weddings SaratogaAs for the bulk of the formal wedding invitations, only a handful of phrases are typically used with little deviation. If you find an eloquent word that you think will fit your ceremony perfectly, by all means use it as long as it doesn’t make your invitation too wordy or awkward. In general, formal wedding invitations should be worded along the lines of: “Mr. and Mrs. John Smith and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Jones request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their children, Clara Smith and Kevin Jones Saturday, the twenty-fifth day of May at six o’clock in the evening at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Brooklyn, New York”

Whether or not to spell out dates and times is at your discretion, but spelling them out gives the tone of very formal while using numerals will give a slightly more relaxed tone but still relatively formal. Again, phrasing such as the parents’ names and the like can be modified or excluded, but this is the general idea.

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Saratoga Wedding aerialSaratoga Barn Weddings, Saratoga Country Chic weddings and Saratoga Wedding venues.  Are you planning a Saratoga wedding and looking for something completey different?  Want to have a Saratoga Barn wedding ?  Are you looking for a Saratoga wedding where you can kick back and relax in blue jeans or a chic event with refined elegance and bow ties.  Stop looking and start planning with a visit to Liberty Ridge Farm in Schaghticoke NY.  At Liberty Ridge Farm you will find the Capital Region’s best kept wedding secret just 20 minutes from Saratoga.

The Gifford Barn at Liberty Ridge Farm is a Dutch style barn that hosts 2400 sq. ft. of reception space decorated in an equestrian theme.  The Gifford Barn features high ceilings, exposed beams and beautiful cherry harvest tables.  The Gifford Barn offers guests the ultimate in country elegance with rustic beauty and picturesque settings for weddings all year round!

The Liberty Ridge Farm Event Tent is tailor-made to accommodate any size guest list.  The Event tent can be decorated from Wedding venues Saratoga NYelegance to rustic charm and serves as a perfect setting for receptions.  Saratoga Outdoor Wedding receptions are nestled on the edge of a 12 acre cornfield in festive atmosphere that boasts a large dance floor, ambiance lighting and choices of elegant or casual seating options.   Saratoga Weddings from blue jeans to bow ties, or Saratoga Outdoor wedding celebrations at Liberty Ridge Farm are one of a kind.

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Country Wedding Corn maze PanoramicSaratoga Country Barn Weddings from Blue Jeans to Bow Ties in the Capital Region.  Do you want to get married in a barn?  How about a Country Chic Wedding with a treat?  Liberty Ridge has something unique! Something that makes your guests say wow! Planning your Saratoga Wedding and reception can be all the rage.

Liberty Ridge Farm With a Saratoga Farm Wedding, Barn Wedding or Country venue choice you can only find all of these at one location, your just minutes from a treat at Liberty Ridge Farm.  When looking for a Saratoga Wedding venue that offers something out of the box, located in the rolling hills of Rensselaer, nestled along the scenic Hoosic River, the areas best kept secret has everything your looking for.

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Liberty Ridge Farm near Saratoga, NY is a premier wedding destination located in the Capital Region of Upstate NY.

From Blue Jean to Bow Ties a premier Saratoga NYwedding destination like Liberty Ridge Farm offers indoor and outdoor wedding venues with breathtaking views that dazzle and delight.  The Gifford Barn,a Dutch style barn hosts 2400 sq. ft. of reception space decorated in an equestrian theme, high ceilings, exposed beams and beautiful cherry harvest tables that offer the ultimate in rustic elegance.  The Event Tent is tailor-made to accommodate any size guest list,  from elegance to rustic charm it serves as a perfect setting for receptions.

As a wedding destination we explore topics of interest from now and then and this one always had grabbed our attention recently.  We sometimes overlook the symbol that represents all of Marriage a whole, trapped in a single item that is worn everyday.  We wanted to know more about…What was the meaning of a Wedding Ring’s shape and composition?

The wedding ring is the last present a couple will give one another before their wedding.  The very first present a lady might receive is a relationship is a promise ring – which most think of a pre-engagement ring.  Later on as a duet gets more involved, the engagement ring replaces the pre-engagement ring and confirms a bond to each other.

This wedding ring is an emblem and throughout time has symbolized love, devotion and even an agreement between families. The physical structure of the wedding ring has changed as different civilizations have changed it to look more and more beautiful. Some materials are held more dear, like precious metals and diamonds which are considered to be of greater value – hence the feeling that they might mean more.  However the meaning behind the symbol has stayed the same throughout time and over continents. A ring placed on your womans finger says many things to her “I love you” “I wish to be with you forever” and “You are mine.”Most women cherish the instant when the man slips a ring on their finger.  They gaze with enchantment into each others eyes during that instant when the ring is put on and they understand that they will be together from then on.   The ring exchange has symbolization behind the wedding bands that  is as rich and as complicated as its own love story.   It should be told so that couples understand exactly why they exchange wedding rings.

A ring in its simplest form is a circle, which means ‘forever.’ The ring stands for an unclouded wish to spend all time together. Many couples opt to have a romantic phrase engraved within their wedding rings which makes that traditional symbolism even more important for each couple. Symbols exist throughout our culture. Even the materials the wedding ring is created out of appear to be symbols of love and devotion. A great deal of couples select diamonds on their wedding rings; diamonds are literally indestructibleand are the “forever” stone you want to select to epitomize your love. Rubies are another choice representing love, keenness and grandeur. While the wedding ring itself is seen as invaluable, the metaphor of the wedding ring symbolizes that your betrothed is precious to you.

The wedding ring was adorned in past times like it is presently, on the left hand, third finger. The reason being because of the strong-held belief that the vein in this finger moves at once from the heart. This notion was endorsed as ladies commenced wearing their wedding rings closer to their hand and then their engagement ring on that same hand – affirming this notion of it being so close to your heart.  So if you are going to share your love forever, take a look at our picturesque acres of for your Next Saratoga Wedding, Albany Wedding, Clifton park Wedding or Adirondack Wedding consider our rustic elegance or refined charm for your indoor or outdoor NY Capital Region wedding.

Do you need help planning your wedding?  We have taken the leg work out of the planning process. Let us relieve the stress of arranging your wedding day. Choose the venue, catering package and floral option, right here on the farm with one of our wedding coordinators

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