5 Great Reasons to Hold a Company Picnic

March 28th, 2011 by

Albany, NY — Mar 21, 2011 / (http://www.libertyridgecorporate.wordpress.com) — With companies trying to find ways to reward their loyal employees in a tough economy, Liberty Ridge Farm – the leading agritourism destination in upstate New York – today announced the top five reasons to hold a company picnic.

“There are lots of reasons to have a company picnic this year,” said Cynthia Gifford Owner of Liberty Ridge Farm. “Perhaps the best reason is to provide a bonding experience throughout your company among your employees and bosses. The other major advantage of a company picnic is it brings the employees families together to meet and play with each other. Once you have run the 3 legged race with a co-worker, you will definitely get to know them better! When you return to the workplace, you will remember your experiences, and build that experience into your everyday working respect for each other.”

5 — A company picnic helps to build company morale

4 — A company picnic shows appreciation for employee and their efforts

3 — A company picnic shows a commitment to employees and their families

2 — A company picnic helps strengthen teamwork

1 — The number one reason to have a company picnic is to have fun!

The benefits of a company picnic are significant. A company picnic can increase the morale in the office as employees feel appreciated and enjoy a day out of the office. They can also allow open interaction between executives and employees in a non-intimidating environment. Company picnics also allow employees to network within the company with other employees that they might not interact with on a daily basis.

“A Summer or Fall company picnic at Liberty Ridge Farm consists of quality food and quality fun. You can choose from our amazing picnic packages and enjoy all the adventure the farm has to offer. There are gathering spaces to fit any size group and we can customize to fit your needs.” concluded Gifford.