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The Harvest Haunt begins at 7pm

October Friday & Saturday nights and NOV 1st-


 Haunt Admission $21.00 Non-Haunt admission $13.50

Psychic Sideshow now appearing at ” The Harvest” –  Psychic Sideshow  is a live experience that brings to you the thrill and excitement of the carnival midway. You will experience Sideshow Stunts, Carnival Cons, Magic of the Midway, Miracles of the Human Mind and so much more.

BEWARE of what happens next as the Trolley drops you off in the dead of night to take passage through  5 frightful experiences.

It used to be a friendly farm, but here in this part of the county, there were two families that touched this land. One family died here… and the other? Well they’re already dancing on the edge of a grizzly fate.

The Mathews Family were the first on this land, their old farmhouse down by the river has seen many a birth —and death. But Something’s not right after dark!!! It all started when the little one died. That nanny they hired impaled that baby with a diaper pin. Rumor has it, the family contacted a gypsy – excuse me – a spirit medium – to reach the boy on the other side, but things went bad, real baaad! They didn’t reach their son, but they did let in all kinds of lost souls…

5 Haunted attractions begin with the the Forest behind the farmers house, it’s where the family cemetery is, some say it haunted and folks around here call it the Forest of Fear, they say it’s because it makes your worst nightmares come alive. Some even say the ground runs red with the blood of centuries of the dead. If you make it out the woods, you better pay your respects in the Farmers House. The back door’s your only way in and you can hope you make it out in one piece – or at least still breathing.

Buchanan ManorAcross the way, just beyond brad’s barnyard you’ll see the Buchanan Manor. The manor welcomes all who knock to step in for a friendly game of poker with Mr. Buchanan and his friends, but be warned, the buy in is pretty steep. They may expect a higher price than you’re willing to pay. and at all costs, STAY AWAY from that nanny, they say she is truly terrifying.

Just beyond the Manor, you’ll find Fort Hunted on the edge of a cornfield. The fort has been there since before the war, it’s supposed to be deserted, but Someone forgot to inform those that rest there…getting out ain’t easy – that is of course IF they let you out at all. That corn field by the Manor is full of strange creepy beings, after dark you just shouldnt be in there, people round here call it the Field of Screams, you will know why!

When things get a might too intense for you – perhaps you oughta visit old Brads Barnyard.or take a break and enjoy the Psychic Sideshow which is on stage where Colleen the Sideshow Queen and EVILDAN perform their unique blend of Sideshow Stunts, Carnival Cons, Miracles of the Human Mind and so much more.

This year is an all new challenge to survive The Harvest  now with 5 haunted elements, the farm turns from laughter to fright every weekend night in October starting at 7pm.  The Harvest Haunted Attraction admission is $21.00,

The Haunt admission includes 5 Haunted Attractions: The Farmer’s Haunted House, The Forest of Fear, The Field of Screams, Fort HuntD and The Buchanan Manor 3D and Brad’s Barnyard.

This year, try as you may, you might not make it out alive….

**Recommended age appropriateness for the Harvest Haunt is 10 years old and older.**

If your not into to haunted nights and spooky thrills, you can still take some time to relax with friends, explore the barnyard, and sit by the crackling fire. Looking for some food or snacks, The Barnyard grille is open for a snack or a meal, offering hot drinks too.

If you wish to come to the farm and attend the Harvest Haunt night, but DO NOT wish to participate in the haunt we offer a $13.50 admission to enjoy Brad’s Barnyard and any non-haunting activities.

Buchanan Manor