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Psychic Sideshow now appearing at ” The Harvest” –  Psychic Sideshow  is a live experience that brings to you the thrill and excitement of the carnival midway. You will experience Sideshow Stunts, Carnival Cons, Magic of the Midway, Miracles of the Human Mind and so much more.  This year “The Harvest” Dares you to venture into the darkness of the Farmer’s Jeb’s mind as you get aboard the Trolley ride that takes you the

to the fear-side of the farm.  BEWARE of what happens next as the Trolley drops you off in the dead of night to take passage through  5 frightful experiences to understand the Evil Farmer Jeb’s twisted mind.  BEWARE the Farmer’s House, it’s HAUNTED !!!  Jeb has been hearing voices or should we say demons?!!  There is no better word for the forgotten evil that

desperately serves their master in a bid to capture your soul.  If by chance

you get out, run as fast as you can because your not home free yet.

Unfortunately for some the Farmer’s House was built on the edge of a dying forest, known as the Forest of Fear.   Some say Farmer Jeb went mad in this forest after Sarah Anne was killed, and now he stalks all who enter.  The Harvest is a test of survival skills, escaping the Field of Screams is what you will pray for, Sarah haunts the cornfield since her fateful accident. Each dark twist or turn leads to screams, you never know if your in the spot where Sarah was separated from her head!!!  

Don’t get to confident or shall we say, confused… you might just think you can go into the civil war fort.  The fort is an encampment called Fort HuntD and it is a fortification that hold secrets predating the civil war, some say ghastly things happened in there.  All we know is all whoever enters, they never seem to come back… in the late fall, right around this time of year, October to be exact, you can hear the soldiers inside the fort preparing for battle.

Buchanan ManorNeed a rest yet ? I’d be weary of stopping at the Shady Rest … many people have stopped in for a spell over the years, but it seems that no one really knows if its a place to stay, or a place to rest or a place to … All we know is whoever enters that building sure has a story to tell…!!

This year is an all new challenge to survive The Harvest  now with 5 haunted elements, the farm turns from laughter to fright every weekend night in October starting at 7pm.  The Harvest Haunted Attraction admission is $21.00,

The Haunt admission includes 5 Haunted Attractions: The Farmer’s Haunted House, The Forest of Fear, The Field of Screams, Fort HuntD and The Shady Rest 3D and Brad’s Barnyard.

This year, try as you may, you might not make it out alive….

**Recommended age appropriateness for the Harvest Haunt is 10 years old and older.**

If your not into to haunted nights and spooky thrills, you can still take some time to relax with friends, explore the barnyard, and sit by the crackling fire. Looking for some food or snacks, The Pitchfork is open for a snack or a meal, offering hot drinks too.

If you wish to come to the farm and attend the Harvest Haunt night, but DO NOT wish to participate in the haunt we offer a $12.50 admission to enjoy Brad’s Barnyard and any non-haunting activities.

Buchanan Manor