FESTEVIL at LIberty RIdge Farm - Field of Horrors

What are they harvesting under the blood moon? Is it the crop of humans-like you? or is it something much more Sinister

Haunt Admission includes: Farm’s 5 haunted attractions, Psychic Sideshow and Barnyard activities. Haunting takes place starting at 7pm on Fridays and Saturdays in October (excluding Halloween) and the Sunday of Columbus Day weekend.

We strongly suggest ages 10 and up for the haunt. Non-Haunt tickets are available, $15.00. Non-Haunt ticket includes Brad’s Barnyard activities and The Psychic Sideshow. Non-haunt tickets are not valid to enter into any of the Haunted Attractions.


Halloween Fall FEst Evil at Liberty Ridge FarmHaunted Corn maze, Capital Region Haunted Hayrides

The Fall festEVIL Attraction begins at 7pm

October Friday & Saturday nights, and Sunday October 11

NOT Haunting Halloween October 31
Over the years, many have come to settle the deep dark soil along the banks of the Hoosic River. They come to plow, plant and reap The Harvest. The question has been… What are they harvesting under the blood moon? Is it the crop of humans-like you?

The home of the Buchanan family, where fortunes were made in gambling and horse racing. Lots of secrets have lived and died in this house based on desires, greed and lust. Can you escape your own weakness? Or will you be joining those that never made it out.

Just beyond the Manor, lies Fort Hunted on the edge of a cornfield. The maze like fort has been there since before the war; it’s supposed to be deserted, but someone forgot to inform those that rest there…getting out isn’t easy.

Behind the Manor house you can hear the sounds echoing from the cornfield. Locals call it the Field of Screams – for a reason. Enter through the cemetery. If you don’t make it out, it’s ok, The Harvesters will find you.
Across the Barnyard on the ridge is the way into the woods, better known as the Forest of Fear. They say your worst nightmares come to life IMG_0112inside the Forest of Fear.

The Forest will lead you to the back door of the Farmer’s Haunted House. The house is the last thing standing between you and freedom from this despair filled farmland. Don’t get careless the farmer and his family are still in there looking for the Harvest- YOU!

Buchanan ManorThere’s still more entertainment- Evil Dan and Colleen the Sideshow Queen perform Sideshow stunts, carnival cons, miracles of the human mind, and more! This show is appropriate for all ages.
After all the haunting, experience the games, puzzles and activities in the Barnyard. Enjoy hot food and drink the Barnyard Grill.
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