Liberty Ridge Farm has been growing their own blueberries for 10 years. These tasty, plump morsels are a mid-summer treat that we look forward to all year long. Most of our guests are pick-your-own berry customers; you pick as many berries as you like, and then pay by the pound. Our farm has fresh picked berries for those who want to purchase berries but are not interested in picking themselves; please call in advance if you want pre-picked so we can make sure they haven’t all been taken to market! The Liberty Ridge Farm market promotes sustainability and community through our commitment to local food and agriculture. Our farm market is adjacent to the parking lot.


Come see us Opening Day Fall Festival : Saturday, September 19th 

Pick-your-own blueberries 2015 cost: $2.75/pound. Cash or check preferred please.

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Berry Picking Suggestions:

Take care of yourself: Berry picking is an outdoor summer activity, so please bring water. It might also be a good idea to wear a hat, sunscreen, bug spray, and a light jacket if you are picking very early in the morning.

Pick the blue blueberries; these are the berries that taste best! Please leave the unripe berries on the bushes to ripen for next weeks guests.

Please park in the parking lot, and then go into the Farm Market to check in. As you drive onto the farm, the parking is in a field on the left. If you are bringing your own containers, have them weighed empty before you fill them full of tasty berries! This will make checkout much faster.

We hope to see you soon on the farm!

U-Pick Blueberries 🙂 We hope you enjoy our berries for your harvest! Check out our Berries! board on Pinterest