Farm Market

The Liberty Ridge Farm Market promotes sustainability and community through our commitment to local food and agriculture. Our farm market is located next to the admissions building adjacent to the parking lot.

Hours of operation: 7am -4pm ending on Friday August 9th.

Pick your own blueberries cost $2.75 per pound.

Cash or check preferred please.

Please park in the parking lot. As you drive onto the farm the parking is in a field on the left. 


Liberty Ridge Farm Blueberry Picking suggestions in the Capital Region 

  1. Protect yourself –You’re going to be standing out in the sun for a few hours, so bring water and wear a hat, plenty of sunscreen and clothes that you don’t mind getting a little stained with blueberry juice :)
  2. BYOB –Bring your own bucket. We provide buckets for picking, but you might want your own for transporting your berries home. It’s also handy to have a smaller bucket for picking and a larger bucket to empty it into when it gets too heavy.
  3. BYOB2 –Bring your own belt. This advice came from my mom, and not having picked blueberries since I was very young, I thought it sounded a little strange. As I should have known, it was very good advice. Attaching your picking bucket to your belt keeps it in a convenient spot and lets you easily pick with both hands.
  4. Stay put –Find a bush with plenty of ripe berries and stick with it until you’ve picked it clean. You’ll save more energy for picking if you’re not moving around a lot, and you’ll leave other bushes in better condition for your fellow pickers.
  5. Get in there –Don’t just pick the berries from the very front of the bush. I found the best clusters of plump, ripe berries on the undersides of branches.
  6. Be gentle –I found the best way to pick the berries was to roll the berries between my thumb and the palm of my hand, and the ripe ones would easily fall off.
  7. HAVE FUN –Blueberry picking is a relaxing way to spend time with your kids or loved o nes while benefiting from wholesome berries that are rated the highest in Antioxidants  Our farm has fresh picked berries for those who want to purchase berries but are not interested in Picking. We hope to see you soon on the farm



You Pick Em Blueberries :)

We hope you enjoy our berries for your harvest!