Liberty Ridge Farm serves some delicious food. Whether ordering from one of the Farm eateries, or getting a meal catered at your event, you won’t leave hungry.

Catering is available to parties that have rented a space on the Farm, such as a cabin or campfire. Food orders must be in no later than the Tuesday before your rental.

Groups of 50 or more planning a corporate party should call for a quote (518) 664-1515. The farm can and has served everything from sit-down dinners with bar, to BBQ picnics, to cocktail style events.

The wedding menu is available to receptions on site. Find more information here.

Farm Eateries Tab

The Barnyard Grille

  • The Barnyard Grill serves standard grill fare, with some special treats thrown in! Burgers, dogs, sausage, peppers and onions, and more. No meal is compete without a side of fries, or a baked potato. For a special treat enjoy a Smoked Turkey leg or local roasted corn on the cob. Stay and watch the kettle corn pop, then buy a package to snack on! Open Friday evenings, Saturday and Sunday 11 am to close.

The Maze Junction

  • The Maze Junction serves as the entrance to our Corn Maze. Serving hot dogs and toppings, chili and cornbread, Caesar salads, pretzels, drinks and candy the junction is where to fill up before venturing into the maze! Serving food Tue-Thu from 11 to 2, Friday and Saturday 11 to 6, Sunday 11-4.

The Country Store

  • The County Store is on top of the hill as you enter and exit the Farm. As well as a gift shop, the store serves some tasty treats. Here you can buy hot dogs and toppings, chili by the bowl, Caesar salads, fresh cookies and pumpkin muffins, pie by the slice or whole to take home! Farm Fresh Fudge is available for sale by the piece or by the pound. And don’t forget fresh, hot apple cider donuts! Made everyday, you can see them prepared and packaged for your snacking pleasure! No trip to the farm is complete without this tasty treat.

Catering Options Tab

Catering Options

Miss Cindy’s Country Fixin’s $24.95 per person

  • A buffet of farm fixin’s delivered to your gathering place.
  • Choice of a Crock of Chili or Soup
  • Pulled Pork Barbecue
  • Cole Slaw
  • Rolls and Chips
  • Choice of two; Iced Tea, Lemonade, Fruit Punch or Water
  • Platter of Farm Fresh Apple Cider Donuts
  • Condiments & Disposable Ware11 to 2, Friday and Saturday 11 to 6, Sunday 11-4.

Pizza Party $49.95

  • 24 cut cheese pizza
  • One Group Choice of Iced tea, Lemonade or Fruit Punch or Water (2 gallons)
  • Disposable Ware
  • Should feed 10-12 people
    Extra Pizza $34.95

  • 24 cut Cheese Pizza
  • Disposable Ware

Hot Dog Roast for locations with campfires $6.50 each person

  • Uncooked Hot Dog and Bun
  • Carrot sticks with Ranch Dressing
  • Marshmallows
  • One Group Choice of Iced Tea, Lemonade, Fruit Punch or Water (2 gallons)
  • Roasting Sticks
  • Condiments & Disposable Ware


  • Cider Donuts – by the dozen $8.99
  • Pies – High Apple or Dutch Apple: each pie serves 7 people, paper products included     $15.50


  • Bottled Water, Juice, & Soda $2.55
  • Gallon of Fresh Cider: 12-7 oz. cups $tbd based on apple harvest
  • Coffee: Boxed, 8-12 oz. cups $14.50
  • Hot Chocolate: Boxed, 8-12 oz. cups $15.50
  • Hot Cider: Boxed, 8-12 oz servings $tbd based on apple harvest
    There will be sales tax on all food items.

    Great additions your guests will love

    • Bags of kettle corn, large or small. Take home or enjoy on the farm!
    • Pumpkins for gifts. Pricing based on size
    • Tasty fudge makes a great gift.
    • Whole pies will be great for families to share at home.
    • Fresh apple cider donuts are always a sure bet! By the dozen or half dozen.
    • And more!

      Farm Hand Lunch

        For field trip groups of greater than 10. Pre-order required at least two days in advance. Call the office at 5198-664-1515 to add this option to your field trip. Avoid the hassle of bringing lunches from school, passing them out, and remembering to get them back on the bus!
        The farm hand lunch is $5.50 per person. Tell the office what time you would like lunch served and they will make it happen.
        The Farm hand lunch includes:

      • A hot dog on a roll
      • A fresh fruit (Liberty Ridge Farm’s blueberries in the summer and locally grown apples in the fall)
      • A bag of the farm’s popcorn
      • Condiments provided in central location for your class: ketchup, mustard, relish.
      • And of course, many napkins.