Rustic smoked barbecue or refined elegance for your next Capital Region picnic, Saratoga wedding or Albany company event

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Are you Looking or do you know someone looking for an Albany Saratoga Capital Region banquet facility that offers the perfect settings for special occasions, including banquets, weddings, trade shows, corporate meetings, and more?  View our gallery :)
Liberty Ridge Farm is centrally located between Albany and Saratoga, Not Far from anywhere the Capital Region’s Best Kept Secret has over 50 acres of fun that can serve as the perfect back drop to your next event.
Liberty Ridge Farm has made a name being known as the ares premier fall agri-tourism destination for outdoor agricultural adventures, what we here time and again is “we didn’t know you did that ?”

We are proud to have been entertaining friends, families and companies for over 13 years, with our unique rustic and or refined settings with ample space to accommodate groups, caterers and our very own catering selections prepared fresh by The Farmhouse Kitchen chef.

We recently underwent an expansion to open our doors year round, with a new chef, all new catering menu and a unique lineup of culinary events the Liberty Ridge Farm Family welcomes you to the farm this year. It’s hard to believe that we were just a corn maze that delighted hearts and minds and we were able to grow our business into a full service year round destination. Our roots were planted by our loyal fans first by “Getting Lost” in our cornfield labyrinth.
We have packages for Capital Region company picnics, class reunions and corporate events and our seasonal offerings now include exquisite culinary packages that are created to compliment the Saratoga Capital Region.  If you are looking for a rustic smoked barbecue or refined elegance for your next picnic, weddings and/or company event, we have catered packages, fun and options that can enhance your gathering and WOW your guests.  Click here to see some of our Mouth Watering Packages

Capital Region Company Picnics and Employee Appreciation parties that Amaze !

June 15th, 2012 by

Did you know that employee happiness and great company picnics have shown to be intertwined ? When planning your next company picnic or corporate gathering in the Albany Saratoga Capital Region consider the fun factor.

Liberty Ridge Farm is located 40 minutes from Albany or 30 minutes from Saratoga NY and entertains individuals, companies, brides to be, friends and families by featuring food , fun and adventure all in one location.

Companies, Families , do you have a large group ?  Liberty Ridge Farm typically sees 1500- 2000 people through the gates on a normal day during their fall season, this means the farm can comfortably host the largest parties, with catering, entertainment and venue choices.

Liberty Ridge Farm has great food !  No Party is complete without good food.  Catered on site by LIberty Ridge Farm’s own Farmhouse Kitchen which can cater any size party with selections from Burgers and Pizza to a full barbecue of smoked delight. The farm also has several outside caterer relationships as well to ensure they can deliver the exact catering that makes the moment special.

Liberty Ridge Farm offers tons of fun. This important factor in any picnic planning process, the fun experiences that grow into memories for your groups guests.   Why fun you might ask ?  Sharing laughter with employees, co-workers and bosses lead to increased company loyalty, teamwork and a camaraderie that all who attend the party can look forward to.  Are you trying to make your company picnic stand out this year? The farm has over 20 hands on activities for children and adults, and boasts over 100 acres of wide open spaces to play outdoor games.

Liberty Ridge Farm has adventure. This means its more than just a destination. The farm cultivates memories with authentic agricultural adventures and fun.  We put the WOW in company picnic planning, catering and hosting.   Can you imagine trying to navigate the Capital Region’s Largest and Original Cornfield maze that spans over 12 acres of 13 foot tall corn.  Liberty Ridge Farm takes pride in providing parties that WOW.  Sit back and relax while we make you look good, want to find out more?  Call us for a visit anytime 518-664-1515. Here at Liberty Ridge Farm, we cultivate memories that will last a lifetime.

From blue jeans to bow ties, from rustic to refined

May 18th, 2012 by

We are now open all year, from blue jeans to bow ties, from rustic to refined, we are offering our farm as a venue destination for Capital Region weddings, company picnics, family reunions and retirement parties just to name a few. If you still don’t know about the Gifford Barn and the Liberty Ridge Farm event tent offerings, you can discover Upstate NY’s best kept secret.  The Farmhouse Kitchen has recently undergone an expansion to offer options ranging from burgers and barbecue to prime rib of beef and sesame crusted pan seared Mahi Mahi for our hosted events.

The farm is continually enhancing the ability to cultivate memorable experiences within the venues,  Hosted events can be catered by Liberty Ridge Farm’s Farmhouse Kitchen or maybe your looking for outside catering in that case we have relationships with Old Daley Catering Co., Longfellows Catering and Classe Catering that continue to provide us amazing catering and impeccable service. We are proud to have grown to be a resource for party planners and people looking for indoor or outdoor event destinations within the Capital Region.  Liberty Ridge Farm has venue options and catering for groups of up to 1000,the event planning staff specializes in pairing the perfect party, with food, and venue selections that offer age appropriate entertainment on the farm.

Albany Event Planners, Clifton Park Event Planners, Saratoga Capital Region

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The Liberty Ridge Farm event planning professionals are here to make your next event pop!  We specialize in pairing your next events expectations with our choices of catering, Indoor & Outdoor venue locations and farmtastic ad-ons.  We make your celebration an authentic experience no matter how large or small your group might be, from imagination to reality. The Liberty Ridge Farm event professionals are the Capital Region’s choice for planning a Wedding, Professional Meeting, Company Picnic, Corporate or Family Gathering.  Planning Company Picnics and Employee Appreciation Parties can be time consuming but not with our selection of Venue, Catering, and Entertainment options; the farm makes event planning simple, all your needs at one location.

The Liberty Ridge Farm planning staff are available each day to schedule a visit. A meeting is a great way to view the destination and sit down with a professional who can assist you personally with options, dates that will ensure each experience on the farm will let you “Grow Memories”.

Farm venues are open year round cultivating memories seasonally, The Gifford Barn, Camp Celebration, & The Event Tent offer a variety of decor and entertainment space that can accommodate parties of 1000 or more. Liberty Ridge Farm’s professional event planning coordinator can help you with your next;

Corporate Picnic
Team Building Workshop
Company Appreciation Gathering
Social Gathering
Family Reunion

If you are looking for food options, Liberty Ridge Farm hosts their very own Farmhouse Kitchen offering catering options from rustic to refined or do you have something else in mind ?  Liberty Ridge Farm has relationships with outside caterers; Longfellows, Old Daley Catering Co and Classe Catering to make your next event pop on the farm.

We work hard to make your Saratoga Event Planning, Clifton Park Event Planning or Albany Capital Region Event Planning a pleasant experience with options,ad-ons and entertainment to make  planning simple.

Capital Region company picnic & party entertainment ideas

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Wondering what to do at your next company picnic or special gathering in the Capital Region of New York?
You need games and activities that appeal to guests of all ages who will be attending the summer picnic or special gathering. Have you looked at all of those classic picnic games and activities like the gunny sack races, water balloon toss, relay races, hula hoop contest, and the good old tugowar favorites you remember growing up with ? These games are popular at all kinds of picnic events- but why not spruce it up a bit, with games, game space and a barnyard full of adventure?
Interactive Games – We have tons of interactive games in Brad’s Barnyard Attraction and this means that the Barnyard is open at gatherings and our company picnics.
Why rent an Inflatable Slide? You can go on our Silver Mine Chute: an 80 foot underground mine shaft that kids and adults ride a burlap sack down for inspiring thrills.– The Silver Mine Chute is tons of fun at any event.
Liberty Ridge Farm is a destination for small and larger groups looking for company picnics and special gatherings. From catering options, entertainment on over 20 hands on activities, wide open spaces and indoor and outdoor venue space with room for music, games and more!
Here are a few other activities that would be great for any local Capital Region NY area picnic:

Jumping Pillow – Why rent a bouncy bounce when Liberty Ridge Farm has the areas largest inflatable? Called The Amazing Jumping Pillow, this huge inflatable is over 70 feet long and secured in the ground, its great for any event. It typically appeals to kids- but the Jumping pillow can handle over 20 Adults and children at the same time, providing smiles and making the gathering as special for adults as the children, Liberty Ridge Farm is a place where everyone can get down and have a blast!
Looking for an Obstacle Course for your next picnic or gathering ? How about getting lost in a 12 acre cornfield labyrinth of 13 foot tall stalks that serve as a challenge for all your party guests. A Corn maze can be used at company picnics and in all kinds of team building exercises. The are another high capacity attraction that will keep the lines down at any special event.
Totally fun for any picnic event.

Liberty Ridge Farm is the Capital Region’s Best Kept Secret, come see why ….

Company Picnics that POP with Fun, Amazing Food and Entertainment in the Saratoga Capital Region

April 25th, 2012 by

There are many aspects to planning a company picnic. Liberty Ridge Farm has cultivated the Farmtastic Event experience with facilitators that seamlessly bring your next company picnic or event to the next level in fun, food, and entertainment all in one location! We know groups vary in interests, from exciting games to hands on family activities & entertainment, Liberty Ridge Farm creates unique outdoor and indoor corporate, family, and wedding experiences within one location. We have food, fun and adventure with something for all ages, from rustic barbecue and burgers to refined culinary elegance, our Farmhouse Kitchen prepares mouthwatering smoked barbecue and locally grown foods for a WOW factor that is key in choosing the next company picnic or corporate event venue.

What is an experience facilitator ?

When planning your next event it is important to select games and activities that will cater to all age groups and interests. Liberty Ridge Farm will assist you in finding the perfect balance of hands on interactive activities, food choices and entertainment enhancements that can elevate your party to an extra special event. Pony Rides, Private Fire Work Displays, Balloon Artistry and Magic Shows are just a few enhancements that bring your next party gathering into a Company Picnic that POPS!

Mouth watering food is a must at any event. Liberty Ridge Farm prepares their own smoky barbecue in the Farmhouse Kitchen and has relationships with outside Caterers Old Daley and Longfellows Catering. Liberty Ridge Farm Experience Facilitators will customize a menu that will meet your budget, demographics, theme, and taste! Whether you want the traditional BBQ menu with hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs, pulled pork, and grilled chicken, or the festival food favorites such as Italian sausages, nachos, funnel cakes, cotton candy, popcorn, and snow cones our event planners can provide anything your tummy desires!
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Face painters, stilt walkers, balloon artists, Disc Jockeys with picnic games, bands, Pony Rides, Fireworks, Magicians & Balloon Artistry, and more! Entertainers enhance your picnic by providing that extra something special you don’t see everyday.
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Liberty Ridge Farm has over 100 acres of rolling hills nestled in Schaghticoke, NY. Located on the banks of the Hoosic River the farm is private and spacious with amenities that cater to your budget with easy parking, security, and power to make your next picnic a Farmtastic Event! Contact an Event Facilitator today and find our how to make sure your next picnic or gathering is Farmtastic.

Liberty Ridge Farm Teambuilding events increase communication, productivity and loyalty for companies and leaders in the Capital Region of NY

April 10th, 2012 by

How your team will benefit from a Team Building Event with Terrie Gifford at Liberty Ridge Farm?

Teambuilding is more than lessons in how to work together, it is a highly customized series of activities and exercises.
“When you dare to lead,
things beyond your wildest dreams may happen.”
Roger Killen

Terrie Gifford, Distinguished Toastmaster, has developed corporate and educational team building and improvisational experiences for over 6 years. The benefits of teambuilding can be long lasting and beneficial to company/business productivity, growth, communication skills and employee loyalty.

When you book a Terrie Gifford teambuilding experience with Liberty Ridge Farm, you can expect your team to receive the best event to cultivate benefits such as;
Greater trust: Team members building trust in each other that will lead to increased respect while encouraging open and better communication.
Communication: Means less time wasted on projects, increased productivity, and a feeling of bonding.
Bonding :Bonding comes from a greater trust and better communication between people, leading to unity.

Unity: Is that cohesion of a team, a “pull-together” positive team spirit with a “can do” attitude.

Attitude: Positive attitude increases productivity within leaders and the company by increasing team spirit.
Team Spirit : Cultivates loyalty which is the basis of all teambuilding exercises.
Loyalty : Is the holy grail in any business, it equates to fewer turnovers, greater trust, open communication and a united “can do” work force inspired to work for the leaders/company.

“Besides pride, loyalty, discipline, heart, and mind,
confidence is the key to all the locks”
Joe Paterno

Every company can build upon their foundation of confidence & loyalty

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Capital Region Party Planning Made Simple for Company Picnics, Corporate Gatherings & Employee Appreciation Parties

March 29th, 2012 by

The benefits associated with bringing in a professional to plan your next company party, employee appreciations party or corporate gatherings, will always outweigh the stress of planning your next company event. The work productivity will continue, all employees will anticipate a WOW company party, and you won’t have to worry about small details because that is the job of our planning professionals! Liberty Ridge Farm professional planners have years of experience, we are far more apt to create that WOW gathering and stay within your budget during event planning.

We have some simple choices that will help add up the savings too!

Use instead of sending out traditional invitations. The site is free, has a large variety of design options and can easily cut out unnecessary printing and postage fees. Go green!

Eliminate employee gifts for every employee, instead purchase five to 10 gifts and host a company raffle, this can invigorate your staff as they see a chance to win if they attend the party.
For a one night affair they have a decent variety of décor options that will easily (and cost effectively) liven up a room!

Determine if you want to Hire a DJ instead of a band. A live band typically get paid a little more than a DJ for three hours. Is your crowd going to be interact with the Band or the DJ ? Best way to decide is to determine the average age that will attend the party, and a DJ might charge less than the live music price.

Here are our top five important elements to make your next Company Picnic or Employee Gathering a successful party:

No. 5: See the venue in person. Choose wisely, a venue can add to or take away from the mood of the event.  Make sure the place you choose has the casual, rustic, or dressy “feel” you are going for.

No. 4: Plan the right music at the right noise level. Live or DJ, plan for your audience, music really sets the mood.  Make sure someone is in charge of the music so they can take a song request or change it up to match the party’s energy.

No. 3: Bring on the senses. Sights, Smells, and Setting can be enjoyable, but too much of a good thing can ruin an appetite or create a sneezing spell.  Choose the venue for your audience, is an Inside or an Outside party more suitable?

No. 2: Take time to plan the food prior to the event.  Food is a large part of any party and it is critical that the caterer is creative and willing to work within your budget while still providing excellent food and service.  Nothing is more of a downer than getting a great-priced meal that tastes awful.

Andthe most important element to any party is…

No. 1: Honoring the guests.  The feelings your guests have while at the party and afterward is described as the “afterglow”.  Make them feel important and that you are honored to have them at your holiday party.  You want to give them a day or night to remember at your next company party.

With these tips, Liberty Ridge Farm can create a WOW memorable company party or gathering while still maintaining within your budget.

With so many reasons to choose Liberty Ridge Farm …let’s start your party planning!

Capital Region Employee Appreciation Party planning made simple in Upstate NY

March 26th, 2012 by

Company Picnics made with memories Albany NY

For many the springtime brings company party planning that brings emotions that sometimes can seem daunting.  There is so much to consider but don’t stress , relax and anticipate memories with Liberty Ridge Farm.  Company Picnics or Corporate Event planning extraordinaire or novices can appreciate when it comes down to the budget. It has remained the most common challenge, and this year is no different. After many years of party planning, Liberty Ridge Farm has had our fair share of assisting companies and planners who are looking for something different and some still are working within a limited budget, so here are some tips on how to maximize your budget and host a memorable holiday party for your employees, family and/or friends!

Date and time selection

Weekends are the most common time to host an event, and because this coming year Liberty Ridge Farm is open year round, a move that will give us more opportunities to host and create memorable parties.

Now, technically there are two types of parties that can create for your group. Indoor hosted parties or an outdoor hosted party. Liberty Ridge Farm has a hostess to accommodate a large variety of party styles, food optios catering options and entertainment. Some venues have limited date options, which can actually work to your advantage with friends, family and employees.

It can also be helpful to not limit yourself to a time frame event. Consider a brunch, lunch or happy hour themed party. You may want to consider guests and the best fit of what venues to ensure a maximum experience that wows!

Employee participation or professional help?

An often-unaccounted cost is when you recruit employees to plan the event. If the job of planning your annual holiday party falls on an employee, can he or she continue their usual workload? Will the planning process interfere with their regular work schedule? Do they embrace to adventure or view it as a task ? Does your employee have experience in party planning or negotiating vendor contracts? At Liberty Ridge Farm we make it easy to Cultivate memories with exciting venues, unique options and food from Barbecue to rustic elegance.

Can you believe it takes approximately 40-50 hours in planning a corporate or private holiday party, so if the answer to any of the questions above is “no” you might be losing out on the valuable event employee time. The yearly party allows employees, managers , friends and families to interact out side of the office setting and can be used to build communication and strength in the organization. Let Liberty Ridge Farm professionals help reduce unexpected costs, stress, and hassle associated with party planning.

Vendor selection

Being a local business owner, first and foremost for my company is to hire and use local vendors for all elements in a party. Everyone is looking for ways to keep doors open, and keeping the business in the Capital Region of Albany is the best way to do that. In addition, most locally owned businesses appreciate that commitment to quality and work with us to customize solutions and options to fit your party budget. Don’t be afraid to lay out your expectations and budget limitations, if your party is n budget you are more relaxed and we can help you work on different entertainment and food options to keep a WOW celebration as you look forward to. Keep in mind that it is a fine line between being realistic and sacrificing valued experiences, so we value your decision that works best for your event.

The benefits associated with bringing in a professional will always outweigh the stress of planning your next company event: work productivity will continue, all employees will be able to enjoy the party, and you won’t have to worry about small details because that is the job of the professional! And because professional planners have years of experience, we are far more apt to stay within your budget and account for all the variables that can occur during event planning.

Company picnic planning made easy!

February 9th, 2012 by

It’s getting to be that time of year again, the time where your company starts thinking about the company picnic!  Are you the lucky employee in charge of this task and not sure where to start?  Did you inherit this job from another employee that either left the company or no longer wants or has time for this audacious task? The company picnic is much more fun to attend than to plan but complaining or trying to get out of the job can make you look bad.  If  this event does become yours to plan you want to make sure that you start planning well in advance, stay on top of the details, and always plan a back up plan in case the weather doesn’t cooperate.  There is a lot, believe it or not, that goes into the planning of the company picnic and you don’t want to be the person that gets blamed for your co-workers not having a good time!

The most important thing to do is get organized.  Keep a detailed notebook divided into sections such as budget, contracts, food and beverages, invitations, activities and entertainment to keep track of details so when questions arise you have all the answers.  This also helps you to keep aware of what tasks are done and which need to be completed as well as keeping everything in one place.

Company Picnics and Employee Appreciation Party Catering

This will give you an overview of planning–and it will provide an immense aid to you or the person who handles this job next year.  Next you need to find out your picnic budget.  Without knowing what your budget is you simply cannot know where to begin.  The company will give you a limited amount of money to spend and that budget will dictate your decisions.  Once a budget is established and planning started it is important to remember employees spouses and children, will they be included? How about clients if applicable? It is important to get a rough idea of who will be included so that things such as menu, activities and entertainment can start to be planned.  Most company picnics have roughly 80% of those that were invited in attendance.

Worried about where you will have that company picnic?  Will there be enough room, will there be enough things to keep people occupied, what about the kids – will they be occupied!? Liberty Ridge Farm is the perfect place to have your next company picnic!   Not only do we have a wide array of activities for young and old to explore we have tons of room so large or small companies are always welcomed!  The staff at Liberty Ridge Farm will actually help you take some of the work out of the planning process as they work with you to plan every step of your company picnic, so from start to finish you have professional guidance in your picnic planning!  Takes some of the Albany Capital Region Company Picnics and Eventsstress of planning off of your mind, right? Picnics can be held in several places on on the grounds, the event tent nestled in the corn, the NBT tent in Brad’s Barnyard or Camp Celebration.  All picnics get unlimited use of Brad’s Barnyard for the duration of their picnic with fun activities such as the hamster wheels, duck racing and our much talked about and loved jumping pillow!

Giant Hampster Wheels

If a company also wants to add such activities as pony rides or face painting we know just the people to call to set those up for you!  Worried about food that will make your co-workers rave about until next year’s picnic?  Just let us help, we provide all inclusive picnic packages or we can help you arrange catering from an off-site caterer.  We have everything you need right here at Liberty Ridge Farm for your next company picnic, so stop worrying about planning that picnic and contact us to set up an appointment to get started!