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Albany, Saratoga, Clifton Park Pumpkins.

Liberty Ridge Farm is having a Pumpkin Blowout for those looking  for the best deals in the Capital Region on pumpkins.  In an effort to make it fun, Liberty Ridge Farm has added a new twist to the fall sale on pumpkins with people driving to the farm to grab an armful, literally.

This will be the 1st time Liberty Ridge Farm has had the ARMFULL pumpkin sale.   There is no other wacky pumpkin sale or blowout like it in the Capital Region !

This new style of sale was inspired by the owners who have seen many friends and families wrestle with pumpkins as they have attempted to carry as many pumpkins as they could to their vehicles.  This was always perplexing as the farm provides little buggies and carts that patrons can use to ferry their bounty of pumpkins to their cars, but still, some insist upon carrying them in their arms.

It was after seeing this the seed was planted for a fun sale event.  Now the requirement is that people who want to try to carry as many as they can in their arms to qualify to purchase the ARMFULL for $10.   The farm looks to serve up some fun and fall joy through pumpkin craziness.  The farm’s Pumpkin Sale is sure to make for some funny moments as people attempt to get the most for their $10 ARMFULL, dont miss out on the Pumpkin Blowout and fall fun.