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It’s getting to be that time of year again, the time where your company starts thinking about the company picnic!  Are you the lucky employee in charge of this task and not sure where to start?  Did you inherit this job from another employee that either left the company or no longer wants or has time for this audacious task? The company picnic is much more fun to attend than to plan but complaining or trying to get out of the job can make you look bad.  If  this event does become yours to plan you want to make sure that you start planning well in advance, stay on top of the details, and always plan a back up plan in case the weather doesn’t cooperate.  There is a lot, believe it or not, that goes into the planning of the company picnic and you don’t want to be the person that gets blamed for your co-workers not having a good time!

The most important thing to do is get organized.  Keep a detailed notebook divided into sections such as budget, contracts, food and beverages, invitations, activities and entertainment to keep track of details so when questions arise you have all the answers.  This also helps you to keep aware of what tasks are done and which need to be completed as well as keeping everything in one place.

Company Picnics and Employee Appreciation Party Catering

This will give you an overview of planning–and it will provide an immense aid to you or the person who handles this job next year.  Next you need to find out your picnic budget.  Without knowing what your budget is you simply cannot know where to begin.  The company will give you a limited amount of money to spend and that budget will dictate your decisions.  Once a budget is established and planning started it is important to remember employees spouses and children, will they be included? How about clients if applicable? It is important to get a rough idea of who will be included so that things such as menu, activities and entertainment can start to be planned.  Most company picnics have roughly 80% of those that were invited in attendance.

Worried about where you will have that company picnic?  Will there be enough room, will there be enough things to keep people occupied, what about the kids – will they be occupied!? Liberty Ridge Farm is the perfect place to have your next company picnic!   Not only do we have a wide array of activities for young and old to explore we have tons of room so large or small companies are always welcomed!  The staff at Liberty Ridge Farm will actually help you take some of the work out of the planning process as they work with you to plan every step of your company picnic, so from start to finish you have professional guidance in your picnic planning!  Takes some of the Albany Capital Region Company Picnics and Eventsstress of planning off of your mind, right? Picnics can be held in several places on on the grounds, the event tent nestled in the corn, the NBT tent in Brad’s Barnyard or Camp Celebration.  All picnics get unlimited use of Brad’s Barnyard for the duration of their picnic with fun activities such as the hamster wheels, duck racing and our much talked about and loved jumping pillow!

Giant Hampster Wheels

If a company also wants to add such activities as pony rides or face painting we know just the people to call to set those up for you!  Worried about food that will make your co-workers rave about until next year’s picnic?  Just let us help, we provide all inclusive picnic packages or we can help you arrange catering from an off-site caterer.  We have everything you need right here at Liberty Ridge Farm for your next company picnic, so stop worrying about planning that picnic and contact us to set up an appointment to get started!